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Professional team
Unionly build a professional and Passion team to promote chemical products. In order to better serve customers needs , With the unremitting effort, many new foreign customers have began to know we.
product specification
Unionly, offers its customers worldwide a well-matched product portfolio along the entire value chain of chemicals. We use modern technologies that incorporate economic and ecological processes.
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In order to achieve in today and the future's sustainable growth, Unionly is continuously engaged in exploring new markets, looking for new partners, as well as making contributions to the society.
About our product information

Our polyols have several positive effects on the end product.In coatings they improve thermal stability, flexibility, UV durability and scratch resistance. Potential substitution is limited because of polyols specific product features.

Most of our Specialty Esters for a broad range of applications,They show some unique properties, Currently being used in a broad variety of end-uses like automotive, construction, food, medical and cosmetics applications.

It can be used in the preparation of NOBS, OTOS and other rubber accelerator and antirust agent, antiseptic, detergent, detergent, painkillers, local anesthetics, fruit preservatives, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries and so on.

Distilled and fractionated fatty acids are produced in accordance with the required demands and quality standards such as GMP and HACCP ┬ĘC making them suitable for food, pharmaceutical and personal care applications. It can be used as-is, or as a derivative.

Fatty alcohol, a basic raw material for fine chemical products such as detergent, surface active agent and plastic plasticizing, has a wide range of fine chemicals produced by it.

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What we do


We focuses on delivering the latest technology to the chemical market. Our group of professionals include chemical engineers, chemists, and biologists who combine chemistry and nature knowledge with the latest trends in the personal care market.

Standards .

The choice of the manufacturing technology, production facility selection are done so as to uphold the most stringent of safety standards for both products and process safety, regulatory compliances as also health and environmental practices. All new processes are designed to conform or exceed regulatory standards in force prior to commercialization.

Safety Health.

Is committed to promote highest level of safety in all areas of its working with clear emphasis on prevention of pollution, protection and improving the environment including sustainable resource use.

Supply of superior grade

Supplying to over 60 countries.

Over 1000 workforce globally.

Rspo supply chain certified (SCC).